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Zombies in the Ancient Egypt


Zombies in the Ancient Egypt


Some recent excavations at Hierakonpolis show possible proves that the zombies cold have been present in the Pre- dynastic Egypt (around 3500 BC). Since the most modern techniques were used at this work there are chances to find the scientific facts that may bring some light in this problem.


Even from the start of the pre-dynastic searches, W.M Flinders Petrie said about many headless but also intact burials found once with the excavations from 1895 at Naqada.

The excavations at sites like Gerzeh also revealed other burials of this type but no complete explanations were found.

Zombies in Ancient Egypt


The recently works in the cemetery of Hierakonpolis (the non-elite one, HK43), that lasted from 1996 till 2004 revealed more headless burials,




additional to the 21 bodies with the cervical vertebrae cut marking the signs of a full decapitation.


The bodies are both of women and men, with ages from 16 to 65. The cut marks` standard position and number show a much bigger effort than the one needed to cause the decease of an uninfected individual.


The cut marks are from the front and on the second cervical vertebrae. The standard positions shows that the injuries are not made in normal conditions. The individuals with cut marks are in less than 4 percents from the population of the cemetery. This can mean that the zombies in the ancient Egypt were not such a huge threat, and the ones that manifested this disease were eliminated (although there are cemeteries where the cannibalism evidences were found and this suggests that some of the zombies had a good meal before being killed).


If the virus was left unchecked, it could cause many victims and also could need some courageous and firm actions that would had as results the evolution of the early kingship in Hierakonpolis and in Egypt. That is why maybe a complex review of the skeletal remains and excavation records from the Mesopotamian cities is needed. Although this may seem only a speculative theory, the decapitated individuals` brains may offer the potential for a scientific research



The scientists are looking to develop an important research project to find out if the virus` remnants are possible to be taken from the preserved brains and, especially, if the virus is yet active. It is active a vaccination against it can be developed, and so this danger that seems to be the source of many individuals` threat can be destroyed.




There is little information about the period of time in which the virus stays dormant, and that is why the possibility of another outbreak is still possible anytime, especially if its history at Hierakonpolis is taken into consideration. For those who want to know even more about the zombies in the ancient Egypt, Tom Flanigan, an expert in zombies` eradication at United States Forestry Service has an interesting report about it. It is fascinating, for those interested in subject, to know that zombies are not a modern subject only.




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