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Work in Egypt


Work in Egypt


If you are a foreigner is not easy to find work in Egypt, outside Cairo, and this is because the capital is the dominant of the Egypt` s economy. Some jobs imply to travel all over the country, like development work and journalism.


There are 2 categories of jobs: those that are paid in guinay- the Egyptian pound and the jobs paid in dollars or Euros. The expatriated persons who receive guinay as salary don`t earn so much as the one who earn hard currency.

Work in Egypt


For example, an Egyptian NGO (a nongovernmental organization) may offer the equivalent of $400-$800 monthly while a teacher from one of the elite high schools in Cairo may be paid with to $25.000 to $45.000 yearly. Before going to work in Egypt you may search the jobs paid in dollars. The costs in Egypt are not high so even if you will be paid in guinay you can have a comfortable life. The jobs market in Egypt only operates on ‘word of mouth’ system.




The want ads are rare as well as the jobs lists in the English publications from Cairo. It is indicated to print your business cards with Arab on one side and English on the other side. The expatriates as well as the Egyptians use to hand out their business cards with every occasion and you can` t know when somebody may find a job for you and wants to contact you. To have a cell phone is also an indicated thing when you look for work.


It is not a necessary thing to know Arabic if you want to work in Egypt but to take Arabic classes is a perfect way to meet foreign students and workers.

If you know Arab you can socialize and have access to the circles of the upper class. At the Arabic Language Institute you can take Arabic classes offered by the Cairo`s American University.The internet address is: cheaper and various part time courses can be taken at Kalimat as well as at the International Language Institute. The internet addresses are: and

Chances to know other expatriates and to take classes are offered by the Community Services Association which is situated in a Cairo` s suburb called Maadi where are many expatriates families.


The website is: If you want to meet some members of the business community or if you are an entrepreneur you have to go the American Chamber of Commerce` s luncheon meetings (details you find at To do some volunteer work is also a good thing to find future work.




The Saint Andrew Church` s refugee ministry is well known among the expatriates and is always looking for volunteers to teach computer skills and English to the Sudanese refugees. After you checked the boards with jobs at the American University in Cairo and at the American Chamber of Commerce you can visit some organizations.



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