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Egypt When to Visit Egypt


Egypt When to Visit Egypt


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When to visit Egypt is not a difficult question since this country offers amazing attractions in every season.

If you like the high temperatures and maybe some crowed places you can choose to visit Egypt in the summer time. Or, if you prefer a temperate clime, the springtime or the winter time is the best choice for your visit.


In case that you choose to visit Egypt in the summer, you should wear casual cloths from cotton, in light colors.

But also can go to bazaars to buy some Egyptian cloths; it will combine the practical thing with thepleasant one, since shopping in an Egyptian bazaar is always fun.

You should have with you enough water with you, a hat or something else to cover your head and sunglasses, too. The dust may disturb your eyes so some eyes drops will be welcome. Since Egypt is a Muslim country try not to offend its citizens with your extravagant cloths.

Women should not wear short cloths, especially in a mosque or church. Of course, women can wear short cloths when they are on a beach or at a pool. Men too should not wear short when visiting mosques or churches.

And everybody who visits such places must live their shoes at the entrance. If you want to offer something to the Egyptian kids that play on the streets you can offer to them pens, it is a real joy for them to receive something like this.


There are things in Egypt that you can do in any period of the year, like diving, snorkeling, in some warm and pleasant places like Hurghada.



In the winter this place is perfect for kiting and windsurfing as the wind blows a little bit fast. Desert safari is also something that you can do in Egypt no matter the season, except the winter (from November to February) when is colder.
When to Visit Egypt

The best place for a safari adventure is the Western Desert, an amazing place with so many beauties to discover. If you want to visit Sharm el Sheikh maybe is better to do it while is winter (from October to the beginning of March) because during the summer the temperatures are very high. In Sharm el Sheikh are only two seasons, summer and winter, opposite to Cairo where are four seasons. A special time to visit Egypt is the winter holidays; spending the Christmas and the New Year in Egypt is definitely an unforgettable experience. It doesn't matter if the weather is cooler in December and January as long as in Egypt are so many things to do and so many places to see.


The conclusion is that choosing the period of the year when to visit Egypt is only up to your decision; the amazing country of Egypt waits for you with the fascinating pyramids,



tombs and mummies, with the agitated and rich bazaars, with the ancient mosques, churches and mausoleums, with views that will remain in your heart, and many more.



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