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When to Travel to Egypt


When to Travel to Egypt


If you don't know when to travel to Egypt maybe will help you to know that the springs and the winters are the periods when the most tourists come in Egypt, when the prices are higher and when it is better to make a hotel reservation before coming to Egypt since it is such a crowed time.

The summer is a quite and peaceful time to travel to Egypt, because you can visit the sites and to make pictures without being disturbed by the tourists or by the pupils.


But there are some disadvantages when travelling to Egypt from May to October, such as the temperatures that can be high or very high in the Egypt's South or in Luxor.

In the summer, numerous Arab people come to Egypt to avoid the hotter weather from their countries.



You can plan your travel to Egypt in the springtime when the temperatures are moderate excepting the sirocco, the spring wind that can make a lot of damages if it appears.


But if you want to travel to Egypt during the Ramadan month, you should know that in this period the alcohol is totally forbidden and the sites have a shorter program for visitors. Also, the restaurants are not opened in the month of Ramadan.

But Ramadan period is a nice time to travel to Egypt, a month full of joy and love, with festivals and coffee shops opened at night when a lot of people gather here and spend the entire night chatting or enjoying the beautiful view of the night. You will see happy people willing to have fun all the time.

Another thing that you should know is that in Egypt are some areas where is not indicate to walk alone; zones such as the sites situated in the Nile Valley's centre (like Sohag, Asyout and Minia).


Although these zones have beautiful and interesting touristic attractions (monasteries of Asyout, the Temple of Abydos and tombs at Bani Hassan), the tourists are not advice to travel these places. And this is because in the `80 and `90, the Islamic fundamentalists tried to attack some tourists with the purpose of destroying the Egypt's economy and especially the touristic industry of this country. The world press exaggerated the facts and those zones were no more indicated for tourists.



The Egypt's government assure the tourists that the authorities o their best to make these zones secure again and to prevent any attempt of violence. It is no problem if you want to travel to these zones; the police won't allow you to travel by yourself on this areas but will give you a police escort to accompany you and to assure your security.

You can also take a travel agent to come with you while visiting these sites.



In spite of the press` exaggerations, Egypt is a safe and very hospitable country with friendly and warm people who are willing to share with you the wonderful places of their country.



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