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Egypt Visa


Egypt Visa


If you want to enjoy the amazing attractions of the beautiful Egypt you have to own a valid passport.

Your local mission of the Egypt's Consulate can offer you the needed information about your visa.


In general, the visas can be obtained from the Entry Visa Department, from the Egyptian Diplomatic Missions, from the TDINA (Immigration and Nationality Administration), and possible from the Entry's Major Ports.

Egypt Visa


After you completed the visa form, you must send them to a consulate or embassy of Egypt.The visa for Egypt can be a transit visa - if you are just passing by through this country, the entry visa – when you go to Egypt for study, for work or for other purposes, excluding the touristic ones, and the tourist visa – valid for a three month period.


The taxes for Egypt visa are different from a country to another and there are exemptions from these taxes for the people that own a diplomatic passport, for the officials of the Arab League, for the states delegates that come to Egypt for conferences, for the international organizations` officials, as well as for the specialized agencies` officials.

Other categories that are exempt from visa taxes are the members of the educational, sports and cultural delegations, the recognized scientists, the journalists, the clergy's non-national members,

the non-national students that study in institutions from Egypt, the non-diplomatic members of consular and diplomatic missions delegated in Egypt and for their siblings, parents and children, the Egyptian nationals` non-national wives/husbands.


There are reduced taxes for nationals belonging to countries like Germany, Cyprus, Russia, Denmark, Norway and Finland and USA.There are also some categories that are exempt from visa when entering in Egypt: the owners of a diplomatic passport that come from countries such as Malta, Bosnia Herzegovina, the Slovak Republic, Malaysia, Argentina, Turkey, Italy and Singapore. And the nationals of the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Bahrain, Oman, Jordan, Libya and Kuwait. Also, Egypt offers some special services for those that enter in the country on a ship: they get a 24 hours permission of visiting the port where their ship arrived and they have to take the ship in the same port.




Those that are transiting Egypt by airplanes are allowed to make a 24 hours halt in Egypt. But if it was an emergency landing, the passengers may stay in Egypt 24 hours if the plane landed because of the bad weather conditions, or 48 hours if the plane landed because of some technical problems.

The citizens of some countries need to have a pre-arrival visa; the countries are the following ones: Israel, Morocco, Sri-Lanka, Lebanon, Chechnya, Ukraine, all the Africa's countries, Bangladesh, Algeria, Croatia, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Tadzhikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Kirghizia, Georgia, Armenia, Indonesia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Iran, Iraq, The Philippines, India, Montenegro, Macau, Moldavia, Tunisia, Macedonia, Thailand, Palestine, Malaysia, Slovenia, Pakistan, Serbia and Russia.




The best thing to do is to make a call or a trip to Egypt's embassy in your country to obtain all the information.


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