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Wadi Biban el-Muluk is the Arabic name of the Valley of the Kings, meaning ‘the Kings' Gates’. How can Wadi Biban el-Muluk be decribed? Well, imagine an entire city built to serve the deceased, where nobody can enter or stepped out without a permission. During the New Kingdom, with almost 3500 years ago, the Egypt`s pharaohs decided to protect their own tomb from the possible rubbers. They built a city in an empty place, known today as Wadi Biban el-Muluk, or the Valley of the Kings. The temples and the tombs were built on one bank of the Nile, and on the other side was a village surrounded by walls, for the workers who excavated the royal tombs deep in the sand dunes. Hundreds of workers were building in the Valley of the Kings. When the men were not at work, they lived with their families in the village that was especially made for them, village that is call today Deir al Medina. Inside the village, the houses were small, made from mud taken from the Nile` s shore, dried at sun. Today, only the stones of the Deir el Medina village`s foundation can be seen. The village have known a continue transformation for 500 years, in the period when the kings were buried in the Valley. The people still live close to the Valley of the Kings and many of them earn their living guiding the tourists interested in the Valley`s old mysteries. The most magnificent tomb of the New Kingdom was not at all hidden. Craved in a stone, the immense temple was hiding the tomb of Hatshepsut. The mystery surrounds the Egyptian ruler because Hatshepsut was a woman who took the throne in a moment when only the men were allowed to rule.



Egypt Wadi Biban el Muluk


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Egypt Wadi Biban el Muluk


Wadi Biban el Muluk














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