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The systematic excavations made by the French archaeologists in the Valley of the Queens of Egypt since the period of `70 led to the discovery of more than one hundred tombs in this zone. But, the problems that this large necropolis brings are far from being resolved. The first, and the most important, it seems to be the one of detecting the place in which the mummies of the royal wives and mother were placed, a hidden place still undiscovered. During the Ramesses  dynasties, the area that is called today the Valley of the Queens was known by Egyptians under the name of Ta Set Neferu, meaning ‘the place of perfection’. In the Arab period the place was called Beban-el-Soltana, meaning ‘the sultans` gates’. Anyway, the necropolis seems to be associated, even since its beginning, in the time of the New Kingdom, with the idea of a presence there of some women, more, of some sovereign women. Situated on the West bank of Theba, on the Valley of the Kings` South, this necropolis will be by excellence a princely one. The first studied tombs, dating from the 18th dynasty made known the name of more princesses and sons of kings which can be found in documents (such as Merytre, Ahmes and Minemhat). During the same dynasty, the funerary site was reserved to some nobles like Imhotep and to other persons of high nobility from the royal family` s court. The necropolis was open since the time of Ramesses I and for the queens or mothers of the kings, which confirms the sense of Ta Set Nefru, associated with the idea of queens  beauty. Although, the same term has the sense of ‘youth’ because this is the exactly word with which the Egyptian texts called the young people.



Egypt Valley of the Queens


Egypt Peak of Al Qurn


Peak of Al Qurn


Egypt Rameses II and Sons


Rameses II and Sons


Egypt Ramesses VIII


Ramesses VIII


Egypt Theban Hills


 Theban Hills


Egypt Theban Necropolis


Theban Necropolis


Egypt Tomb KV 6 Rameses


Tomb KV 6 Rameses


Egypt Tomb of Merenptah


Tomb of Merenptah


Egypt Tomb of Ramses IX


Tomb of Ramses IX


Egypt Tomb of tut Ankh Amon


Tomb of tut Ankh Amon


Egypt Twentieth Dynasty Tombs


Twentieth Dynasty Tombs


Egypt Valley of the Queens


Valley of the Queens


Egypt Wadi Biban el Muluk


Wadi Biban el Muluk














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