Egypt Twentieth Dynasty Tombs








The first king of the Egypt` s twentieth dynasty was Setnakhte; his tomb is among the twentieth dynasty tombs from the Valley of the Kings. He has a tomb, KV 14 which communicates with the one of pharaoh woman Twosret of the 19th dynasty, being in this way one of the biggest tombs, with 112 meters. The tomb of Ramses II, KV 11, is one of the largest and most decorated tombs from the Egypt` s Valley of the Kings; this tomb is open for the public. The successors of Ramses III built necropolis with right axis, decorated in a similar way. The tomb of Ramses IV, KV 2, open even since the antiquity, contains a big number of hieratical acts and is decorated with different religious scenes. Ramses V and Ramses VI have a common tomb, KV 9, which is also known as the tomb of the metempsychosis is also decorated with engravings with religious scenes. Opens from antiquity, it contains more than one thousand of graffiti in Greek, Latin and Coptic. KV 6, the tomb of Ramses IX, was also explored even from antiquity. It is situated between KV 5 and KV 55; it extends 105 meters within the hill, including the lateral rooms, which were not finished. The incomplete aspect of the tomb suggests that the tomb wasn't finished when Ramses IX died. Another important tomb of this dynasty is KV 19, of Mentuherkhepshef, the Ramses IX`s son. The tomb is small but with very beautiful decoration, being recently restored and open for tourists. The 20th dynasty was the period of the famous robs; the Amon`s clergy decide to restore the mummies, to celebrate new funerals and the remains of the nobles deceased were covered with new bandages and buried at Deir el Bahri.



Egypt Twentieth Dynasty Tombs


Egypt Peak of Al Qurn


Peak of Al Qurn


Egypt Rameses II and Sons


Rameses II and Sons


Egypt Ramesses VIII


Ramesses VIII


Egypt Theban Hills


 Theban Hills


Egypt Theban Necropolis


Theban Necropolis


Egypt Tomb KV 6 Rameses


Tomb KV 6 Rameses


Egypt Tomb of Merenptah


Tomb of Merenptah


Egypt Tomb of Ramses IX


Tomb of Ramses IX


Egypt Tomb of tut Ankh Amon


Tomb of tut Ankh Amon


Egypt Twentieth Dynasty Tombs


Twentieth Dynasty Tombs


Egypt Valley of the Queens


Valley of the Queens


Egypt Wadi Biban el Muluk


Wadi Biban el Muluk














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