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In the Valley of the Kings from Egypt the British archeologist Howard Carter Lord Carnarvon were the first people who entered in the tomb of Tutankhamun after a period of 3.000 years. The rooms of the tomb were surprisingly intact and inside of them was a collection of thousands of rare objects, including a sarcophagus from gold containing the mummy of the young pharaoh. King Tutankhamun went to throne in 1333 BC when he was still a child. he died one decade later, at 18 years old, and that` s why he wasn`t very known in the history of the Egypt`s kings. In the XII century AD the team who were building a tomb for Ramesses VI covered the tomb of Tutankhamun with a very big plate, protecting it from the future discoveries. On November 4, 1922, Carter found the a stair leading to the tomb` s entrance. On November 23, Carter and Carnarvon stepped through a mud and bricks discovering the way they could go to the Tutankhamun`s tomb. There were proves that robbers were in the tomb with along time ago and the archeologists were afraid that they will discover another robbed tomb. On November 26, the explorers went to the antechamber of the tomb of Tutankhamun which was intact. The amazing collection of objects found there included numerous gold jewelry, statues, furniture, clothes, arms and many more object that brought reach information about the culture of those times. The most important discovery was a sarcophagus of stone containing other three sarcophagi. In the last one, made from massive gold, was the mummified body of the child-king Tutankhamun kept there for 3.200 years. The most of the object found in the tomb can be seen at the Cairo Museum where they are kept.



Egypt Tomb of Tut Ankh Amon


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