Egypt Tomb of Ramses IX








The tomb of Ramesses IX is situated in the East Valley of the Valley of the Kings, on the Thebes` West bank. In most of the aspects, the tomb is a simple one but with an interesting art work. In antiquity the tomb was visited by numerous tourists due to the fact that the tomb was open. 46 of the visitors left some inscriptions inside the tomb. A part of the funerary equipment collected from the tomb is now in the British Museum and consists of statues of wood, a figured ostraca, shabits from wood and a life size ‘ka’ figure from wood also. The tomb of Ramesses IX is decorated with sun disks, since the pharaoh had a great adoration for the sun disk, as well as decorations of Nephthys and Isis. The second and the third corridors have door lintels decorated with variations of these decorations. There are similarities between the art of the Ramesses IX` s tomb and the one of the Ramesses VI` s tomb except that the first two corridors of Ramesses IX`s tomb have passages from the Litanies of Re and the corridors of the Ramsses VI`s tomb have passages from Book of Gates. During the life of Ramesses IX the first corridor`s decorative theme was completed and after his death the other two corridors were decorated but not with the same skill and care. Passages from the Book of Caverns, the Book of Dead and the Book of Amduat are in the second and the third corridors. The texts are abbreviated, maybe because of the lack of space, and the Book of Gates doesn`t appears at all. The ceiling of burial chamber is vaulted and has passages from the Book of the day and the Book of the night.



Egypt Tomb of Ramses IX


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