Egypt Tomb KV 6 Rameses








Tomb KV 6 Ramesses is the tomb with one of the largest entrances from the all the Valley of the Kings` tombs. The side chambers of the first corridor B and the entryway` s cut pilasters are KV 11 reminiscent. The burial chamber J has its floor with a two-tiered and large pit. The tomb is decorated with paintings, graffiti and sunk relief. The tomb KV 6 Ramesses it is the last of the royal tombs from the Valley that had such a completed decoration. The tomb was explored several times, first between 1737 and 1738 at the level of maps and plans, in 1817 were made excavations, in 1824 again maps and plans, in the same year there was a exploration visit, in 1825 again plans and maps, between 1828 and 1829 there was a epigraphy expedition and in 1888 were excavations made by the Service des Antiquities. The objects recovered from the excavations are written documents, sculptures, transport objects and tomb equipment. In the corridors B, C, D and in the burial chamber J are representations of the deceased persons with deities, corridor D has also representations of enigmatic compositions and of bound enemies, the corridor C has a astronomical ceiling and also representations of bound enemies. More than 50 graffiti are on the walls of the tomb, in principal on the walls` upper part which indicates that that the tomb was filled in part with debris in the antiquity. The paint on the tomb` s walls is flaking off and faded, the painted decoration` s lower registers on the burial chambers` walls are lost but the tomb was not damaged by floods. Recently, in chamber E and in corridors B, C and D glass wall panels were installed and the chamber F`s unfinished surfaces were arranged.



Egypt Tomb KV 6 Rameses


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