Egypt Theban Necropolis








The Theban necropolis represents one of the most important attractions of Egypt as well as the Upper Egypt`s most important archeological site. The most of the tombs of this necropolis are closed for the people, because of their bad preservation` s state. In the necropolis` Sothern part is a valley were are buried numerous New Kingdom` s queens. The most of them are royal princesses and princes of the 18th dynasty, as well as the royal court` s important members. Between the Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens along the Theban mountain` s eastern slopes, are scattered the nobles or the private tombs belonging to the society` s members who were wealthy or powerful enough to afford a tomb built for them and for their families. The population that couldn't afford private tombs were buried in simple sand graves. In the Theban necropolis were found more than 500 private tombs, some of them being complex and with beautiful decorations, some of them being very simple. The tombs from the 18th dynasty differ in decorations from the tombs of the XX Dynasty as well as in the colors, offering details about the beliefs and the everyday life of the Thebes `s inhabitants of those periods. From all the tombs only 23 can be visited by public and many other are restored and excavated. The tombs are grouped in areas like Dra 'Abu el-Naga, Deir el-Medina, Khokha and Asasif, Sheikh 'Abd el-Qurna. The ones who buy tickets will have access to two or three tomb in a specific area. You can visit the memorial temple of Hatshepsut, the memorial temple of Ramesses II, the memorial temple of Amenhetep III, the memorial temple of Thutmes IV, the temple of Tutankhamun or the memorial temple of Sety I.



Egypt Theban Necropolis


Egypt Peak of Al Qurn


Peak of Al Qurn


Egypt Rameses II and Sons


Rameses II and Sons


Egypt Ramesses VIII


Ramesses VIII


Egypt Theban Hills


 Theban Hills


Egypt Theban Necropolis


Theban Necropolis


Egypt Tomb KV 6 Rameses


Tomb KV 6 Rameses


Egypt Tomb of Merenptah


Tomb of Merenptah


Egypt Tomb of Ramses IX


Tomb of Ramses IX


Egypt Tomb of tut Ankh Amon


Tomb of tut Ankh Amon


Egypt Twentieth Dynasty Tombs


Twentieth Dynasty Tombs


Egypt Valley of the Queens


Valley of the Queens


Egypt Wadi Biban el Muluk


Wadi Biban el Muluk














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