Egypt Theban Hills








The Theban Hills is a place in Egypt close to the Valley of the Kings. At the foot of the Theban Hills are some villages with a cottage industry of marble (alabaster). The area is dusty, being in desert; the tourists who travel to the Theban Hills can see that the houses` roofs and walls are covered with sand dust. The peak of al-Qurn is the one who dominates the Theban Hills; in the ancient Egypt, the peak of al-Qurn was known as ta dehent (or ‘the peak’). The peak looks to have a pyramid shape, and it could be the echo of the Old Kingdom` s pyramids, with over thousand years before the first royal burials were carved in this place. The access to the peak of al-Qurn is reduced because of the isolated position. The Medjay, which is the special police of the tombs, is the one who guards the necropolis. The most of the Theban` s tomb were cut into rock, while the pyramids from the Giza plateau were some iconic structures, symbols of the ancient Egypt. The most of the mastabas and of the pyramids have cut into the ground` s level sections; also, in Egypt are tombs cut in rock dating from the Old Kingdom. The rulers of Theban begun to built complex tombs as reflection of their power; this happened after the reunification of Egypt by Ahmose I whose tomb, as well as his son` s tomb are probably in the Dra’ Abu el-Naga necropolis from the 17th dynasty. The tomb of Thutmose I and one of Amenhotep I were the first royal tombs from the Valley of the Kings. Their adviser was Ineni who indicated the two pharaohs to place their tombs in the Valley.



Egypt Theban Hills


Egypt Peak of Al Qurn


Peak of Al Qurn


Egypt Rameses II and Sons


Rameses II and Sons


Egypt Ramesses VIII


Ramesses VIII


Egypt Theban Hills


 Theban Hills


Egypt Theban Necropolis


Theban Necropolis


Egypt Tomb KV 6 Rameses


Tomb KV 6 Rameses


Egypt Tomb of Merenptah


Tomb of Merenptah


Egypt Tomb of Ramses IX


Tomb of Ramses IX


Egypt Tomb of tut Ankh Amon


Tomb of tut Ankh Amon


Egypt Twentieth Dynasty Tombs


Twentieth Dynasty Tombs


Egypt Valley of the Queens


Valley of the Queens


Egypt Wadi Biban el Muluk


Wadi Biban el Muluk














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