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Ramesses VIII also known as Ramses and Rameses was Egypt's pharaoh from the 20th dynasty. He ruled between 1130 and 1129 BC in the ancient Egypt's New Kingdom. He was on of the Ramesses III`s sons and came to throne after the Ramesses VII`s death. There is not too many information about this pharaoh` s reign. It seems that he ruled only for one year although there are theories about him ruling for two years. Ramess VIII is mentioned in a single scarab and in a stela. He was also known as participating to a representation in a princes` procession in the Ramesses III` s memorial temple, at Madinat Habu. The monuments of Ramsses VIII time were hard to find and they consist of a Medinet Habu inscription. The name of the pharaoh appears in only one document and in the Kyenebu`s tomb in Thebes were found graffito with the date of year 1, I Peret day 2.Ramesses VIII is the only pharaoh from the 20th dynasty whose tomb was not identified for sure, yet. Some experts think that the pharaoh` s tomb could be the prince Mentuherkhepeshef ` s tomb. This tomb was initially built for Ramasses VIII but it was unsuitable for the pharaoh. There are no certain things if or if not Ramesses VIII was burried in this tomb, but now, a team of Egyptian researches makes searches for finding the pharaoh` s tomb. The royal name of Ramesses VIII (or prenomen) was Usermaatre Akhenamun which means ‘Powerful is the Justice of Re, Helpful to Amun. The pharaoh died around 1129 BC and his successor was Ramesses IX. Maybe once the tomb of Ramesses VIII will be found the Egyptology will have more information about this pharaoh and his reign.



Egypt Ramesses VIII


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Egypt Ramesses VIII


Ramesses VIII


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