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Ramess II was a pharaoh of Egypt, also known as Ramesses the Great, Rameses or Ramses. He became a pharaoh in 1290 BC, when he was 24 years old and his reign lasted for 66 years, till 1224 BC. He died in 1224 BC, at 90 years old. Ramesses II was the third king of the 19th dynasty, the sun of Seti I and of queen Tuya. The most important wife of this pharaoh was Nefertari but he had other wives too, such as Isetnofret and Henutmire. Regarding the Ramesses II and sons there are legends about his having 200 sons and 200 daughters, but the present researches says that the number of the pharaoh` s children was much smaller. The pharaoh made some expeditions in the Nord, on the lands of Mediterranean Sea; in Batalia the Egyptian forces of the Ramesses II confronted the army forces of Muwatallis, in the fourth year of the pharaoh` s reign. In the 21 year of his reign, in 1269 BC, Ramesses II made a peace treaty with Hattusilis III, the oldest peace treaty known and which survives today. The treatise was signed in 1271 BC. The pharaoh also made campaigns in the south of the first waterfall in Nubia. He built numerous impressive monuments and many statues represent him. Actually, Ramesses II had more statues of him than any other pharaoh of Egypt. The mummy of the pharaoh was discovered in 1881 in Deir al-Bahari and placed in the Egyptian Museum of Cairo five years later. The mummy is still in this museum, exhibited with pride by the Egyptians. The successor of Ramesses II was one of his sons, Merneptah. This pharaoh was the source of inspiration for poems, novels, books, fictional representations and an important subject for historians.



Egypt Rameses II and Sons


Egypt Peak of Al Qurn


Peak of Al Qurn


Egypt Rameses II and Sons


Rameses II and Sons


Egypt Ramesses VIII


Ramesses VIII


Egypt Theban Hills


 Theban Hills


Egypt Theban Necropolis


Theban Necropolis


Egypt Tomb KV 6 Rameses


Tomb KV 6 Rameses


Egypt Tomb of Merenptah


Tomb of Merenptah


Egypt Tomb of Ramses IX


Tomb of Ramses IX


Egypt Tomb of tut Ankh Amon


Tomb of tut Ankh Amon


Egypt Twentieth Dynasty Tombs


Twentieth Dynasty Tombs


Egypt Valley of the Queens


Valley of the Queens


Egypt Wadi Biban el Muluk


Wadi Biban el Muluk














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