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The peak of Al-Qurn is a peak with a pyramid shape situated above the Valley of the Kings, opposite to Thebes, on the Nile` s West bank, in Egypt. The ancient name was Ta Dehent (meaning ‘the peak’) and the peak of Al-Qurn is the Theban Hills` highest point, having 420 meters. The peak of Al-Qurn was the residence place of the goddess Mertesger (meaning ‘she who loves silence’). The pyramids shape is connected with Re, the god of sun. According to the ancient Egyptians, when a pharaoh died, he ascended to heaven where he united with Re. If you look to the peak of Al-Qurn from the Valley of the Kings` you see that the peak has a shape of a pyramid; that is why the Egyptologists believe that the royal necropolis was chosen as the location for the peak. To the peak of Al-Qurn you can go on foot from two directions, from near Deir el-Medina or from the Valley of the Kings, by climbing. For climbing are necessary 3 hours go and back. As regarding the Deir el-Medina route, it is easy and complicated in the same time because although the most of the route has stairs, there is also an area more complicated where it could be necessary to use your hands to climb. But, the best part is that you don` t need to have some special skills of climbing and the women or the elderly persons can also climb the route. On the Deir el-Medina route are located two buildings (guarding posts) which adds safety; this is something that you should take into consideration when climbing this route. On the Deir el-Medina route is a rock formation with a shape of a cobra which can be reached with no problems fro the both directions.



Egypt Peak of Al Qurn


Egypt Peak of Al Qurn


Peak of Al Qurn


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