Egypt Sunset on Siwa







If it happens to find yourself in Egypt, wandering trough desert, look to the sky and go wherever the birds lead you. It seems that is what Alexander the Great did to find Siwa. And if you have the chance to enjoy a trip to Siwa desert you have to try the feeling of a sunset on Siwa, a quiet and magical moment. To see how the sun goes down over the large dunes of sand and how the landscape gets a curtain of a dark pink color is a unique experience. Being for thousands of years a place to hide for refugees, the Siwa oasis has more than 1.000 of springs with salt water that bring the water to the surface and gather in three big lakes which allow to the citizens to grow dates and olives. In some of these springs you can bath, it seems that the salt waters have curative properties: one of the most appreciated is the Cleopatra’s bath, where the water goes out from the earth and flows in a natural pool. To bath in the lake that it is said that belonged to the Oracle is a blasphemy and you may be cursed with curses like the ones from the pyramids who says that the waters will flood the one who made the sacrilege. Don` t miss the Shali Ghali, a fortress built from sand and salt, which was destroyed by a rain that lasted three days. It was abandoned in the moment when it started to melt, but the five levels fortress is still populated by some Berbers families. The Festival of Tourists takes place in Siwa on every October and November; it is a festival dedicated to the locals, it last three days and the locals receives presents, watch spectacles.



Egypt Sunset on Siwa


Egypt Siwa


Egypt Siwa


Egypt Agriculture in Siwa


Agriculture in Siwa


Egypt Ancient Ruins of Siwa


Ancient Ruins of Siwa


Egypt Berbers


 Egypt Berbers


Egypt Desert of Siwa


Desert of Siwa


Egypt Donkey Cart


Donkey Cart


Egypt Matruh


Egypt Matruh


Egypt Monastery Wady Natrun


Monastery Wady Natrun


Egypt Mosque in Siwa


Mosque in Siwa


Egypt Mud Brick Buildings


Mud Brick Buildings


Egypt Oasis in Siwa


Oasis in Siwa


Egypt Oracle of Amun


Oracle of Amun


Egypt Siwa Safari

Egypt Siwa Safari


Egypt Siwi Language

Siwi Language


Egypt Sunset on Siwa

Sunset on Siwa






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