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The people of Egypt's Siwa speak a Berber Afro-Asiatic language called Siwi. This language of Egypt is spoken by almost 20.000 of people from the oasis of Siwa but also from the Siwa's surroundings close to the border with Libyan such as Gara in the Egypt's West. 15.000 was the initial estimated number of the Siwi speakers but it seems that the right number is 20.000. There are also Siwi speakers in other regions of Egypt as well as some parts of Libya. This is because of the emigration of Siwa` s people who are searching for jobs. In Egypt, the official language is Arabic but the Siwa children` s first spoken language is Siwi. Although this language has some words that were loaned from Egyptian Arabic, the Siwi language remains a Berber language variety that looks very much alike with the Eastern Libya` s Berber language variety. As regarding the dialects, there are no published data that would indicate a dialectal variation inside Siwi. Siwah is the arabic name of the principal oasis where the Siwi language is spoken and from where the Arabic adjective Siwi comes from. If you intend to travel to Siwa and want to know some Siwi words that will help you in your conversation with the Siwa's people, here are some examples: “keem” means “Come in”, “Azul” means “Hello”, “Baba” - is an word to respect an older person. If you want to salute somebody you may say: “Azul felawen” which means: “Hello to you!”. You may be invited to: “Anen!” meaning to sit down. “Oma” is the Siwi equivalent for “Mother”, “Aba” for “Father”, “Omama” for “Grandmother”, “Ababa” for “Grandfather”. If you want to caress your girlfriend/boyfriend in Siwi, you can call her/him “Memi” which means “Babe”.



Egypt Siwi Language


Egypt Siwa


Egypt Siwa


Egypt Agriculture in Siwa


Agriculture in Siwa


Egypt Ancient Ruins of Siwa


Ancient Ruins of Siwa


Egypt Berbers


 Egypt Berbers


Egypt Desert of Siwa


Desert of Siwa


Egypt Donkey Cart


Donkey Cart


Egypt Matruh


Egypt Matruh


Egypt Monastery Wady Natrun


Monastery Wady Natrun


Egypt Mosque in Siwa


Mosque in Siwa


Egypt Mud Brick Buildings


Mud Brick Buildings


Egypt Oasis in Siwa


Oasis in Siwa


Egypt Oracle of Amun


Oracle of Amun


Egypt Siwa Safari

Egypt Siwa Safari


Egypt Siwi Language

Siwi Language


Egypt Sunset on Siwa

Sunset on Siwa






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