Egypt Siwa Safari







Those who want to take a Siwa Safari can choose a five day one; it starts in Egypt’s capital, Cairo, There, from the bus station you have to take the bus to Marsa Matrouh; the buses have air conditioned. From Marsa Matrouh you have to get another bus that will take you to Siwa Oasis. Overnight you can stay at a hotel and in the morning you will start the Siwa tour which includes: visit to the Shali’s old fortress, to the Dead Mountain, the Amoun Temple’s ruins, the Siwa House Museum and to the Amoun oracle hall. You can also take a bath in the Cleopatra Pool or a hot bath of sand at the Dakrour Mountain. In the afternoon of the third day, you will have the chance to swim in the Lake of Bir Wahed, a lake with salt water. Then take a visit to the Hot Spring and to the Fossil Mountain from where you can gather nice shells. When the night comes enjoy a great dinner around a fire and spend a beautiful night under the Siwa` s stars, by camping. The fourth day will include a trip to the Sand Dunes, the highest ones, and to the Abou-Shrouf, the cleanest and the biggest spring that has sulfur water. The water has the properties of curing the rheumatism and some skin diseases. Then you can see an old village from Abou-Shrouf called Zatoun, and also the Black Roman Town, the Roman Olive's Oil Press and the Roman Tombs. In the program are also included Ein Safi and Koraishet Spring. After spending the night at the hotel, in the morning you will take the Matrouh bus and there, the bus that will take you back to Cairo.



Egypt Siwa Safari


Egypt Siwa


Egypt Siwa


Egypt Agriculture in Siwa


Agriculture in Siwa


Egypt Ancient Ruins of Siwa


Ancient Ruins of Siwa


Egypt Berbers


 Egypt Berbers


Egypt Desert of Siwa


Desert of Siwa


Egypt Donkey Cart


Donkey Cart


Egypt Matruh


Egypt Matruh


Egypt Monastery Wady Natrun


Monastery Wady Natrun


Egypt Mosque in Siwa


Mosque in Siwa


Egypt Mud Brick Buildings


Mud Brick Buildings


Egypt Oasis in Siwa


Oasis in Siwa


Egypt Oracle of Amun


Oracle of Amun


Egypt Siwa Safari

Egypt Siwa Safari


Egypt Siwi Language

Siwi Language


Egypt Sunset on Siwa

Sunset on Siwa






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