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According to numerous sources from the antiquity, such as Diodorus and Quintus Curtius, a bezel of a ring was the Siwa oracle's original form. Then the oracle` s form became a ram’s head which is the symbol of Amun. The Greeks discovered the oracle of Amun in 637 BC when they established Cyrene, the present Libya; after that, the Greek religion absorbed the oracle and associated it with the Egypt's Amun. The legend says that Andromeda was cursed by this the oracle of Amun: she was tied and eaten by a sea-serpent. According to other legends, Hercules came to oracle before he had the fight with Bursiris. Also, Perseus visited the oracle of Amun before he killed Medusa. There was an intention of destroying the oracle that came from Cambyses, the Egypt` s ruler from 525 to 522 BC. His intention failed because the Egyptian ruler lost his army in the Western Desert` s sand storm. Pliny also believes that the dreaded sand storm was caused by a miraculous and sacred stone from the temple, which is said to have been touched by sacrilegious hands. Alexander the Great also visited the oracle of Amun in 331 BC to find out if he was Zeus son. Being the son of Zeus implied that he was not only the Egyp's legitimate ruler but also the ruler of the territories that Alexander the Great conquered. After he captured Egypt, an oracle's manifestation with eighty priests was held in the city. After he came to the Amun oracle, Alexander the Great was represented with the ram` s horns, the god Amun's symbolic. But it seems that this was not the only time when Alexander visited the oracle of Amun, he may consulted it with other occasions.



Egypt Oracle of Amun


Egypt Siwa


Egypt Siwa


Egypt Agriculture in Siwa


Agriculture in Siwa


Egypt Ancient Ruins of Siwa


Ancient Ruins of Siwa


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 Egypt Berbers


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Desert of Siwa


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Donkey Cart


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Egypt Matruh


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Monastery Wady Natrun


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Mosque in Siwa


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Mud Brick Buildings


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Oasis in Siwa


Egypt Oracle of Amun


Oracle of Amun


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Egypt Siwa Safari


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Sunset on Siwa






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