Egypt Mud Brick Buildings







There are numerous mud brick buildings in Siwa; there is a tradition to build the houses from salt, water mixture and mud. The mixture is let to dry by the sun it makes a solid brick. The problem is that this mixture melts when it rains; but the problem becomes smaller if we think that in Siwa rains once at 50 years. The fortress from Siwa was destroyed by a strong rain because it was made from mud brick; now the ruins are still in the town’s center, so the visitors can see them. In the old times, in Siwa was forbidden to build houses outside the walls of the city because of the raids coming from the desert` s tribes. In the present day, there are broken walls, halves of buildings and alleyways among the ruins of the old fortress of Siwa. The latest constructions in Siwa – a bank, a cafeteria and a commercial complex – are all made, as design and as architecture, in the Siwa Oasis` tradition: from karsheef, which is soil combined with salt; but the buildings were well assured inside. By preserving the Siwa` s tradition regarding the architecture keeps the harmony with the surroundings and also keeps the beauty of Siwa Oasis. The government owns now more than 95% from the Siwa’s buildings that disregard the architectural heritage of Siwa concerning their look, their building materials and height. The ancient town of Siwa dates from the 13th century and until a strong rain that fell in 1926, the most of the town was in use. Today, there are still some buildings dating from the old times that are in use, but because of the combination of plaster, salt, rock and mud they are made from, more of them ruins every year.



Egypt Mud Brick Buildings


Egypt Siwa


Egypt Siwa


Egypt Agriculture in Siwa


Agriculture in Siwa


Egypt Ancient Ruins of Siwa


Ancient Ruins of Siwa


Egypt Berbers


 Egypt Berbers


Egypt Desert of Siwa


Desert of Siwa


Egypt Donkey Cart


Donkey Cart


Egypt Matruh


Egypt Matruh


Egypt Monastery Wady Natrun


Monastery Wady Natrun


Egypt Mosque in Siwa


Mosque in Siwa


Egypt Mud Brick Buildings


Mud Brick Buildings


Egypt Oasis in Siwa


Oasis in Siwa


Egypt Oracle of Amun


Oracle of Amun


Egypt Siwa Safari

Egypt Siwa Safari


Egypt Siwi Language

Siwi Language


Egypt Sunset on Siwa

Sunset on Siwa






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