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Egypt Matruh is situated in Egypt's North West and was founded in 331 BCE, by Alexander the Great. The town has about 70.000 people and is the Matruh governorate’s capital, which has 212.112 km square and a population of 270.000 people. Matruh is the livestock's centre as well as an important agricultural area, where grapes, barley and olives are cultivated. And this despite of the lack of precipitations that fall in this area. The tourism in Matruh has developed lately; now is the city` s most significant activity with numerous visitors from Libya and Egypt. Many beautiful beaches can be seen in the Matruh's vicinity. From the Matru's port the region’s minerals are exported. There are rails and roads that connect the Matruh with Alexandria (at 298 kilometers in East), Sallum (217 kilometers in West) and with Siwa Oasis (300 kilometers in South). For those who want to travel to Matruh, there are wonderful resorts with lovely beaches, coral reefs and coves. The visitors will find there a calm ambiance and some breathtaking landscapes. On these resorts the tourists can spend great time at the diving centre, practicing water sports in special centre with instructors and equipments. No matter what level you are, here you can practice windsurfing, diving, kayaks, snorkeling, and other water sports. The visitors also can choose to go at 2 kilometers away from Matruh where they can swim with the lovely dolphins. In the present time Matruh, also called the Egypt's Riviera is an important trading center for the Western Desert's Bedouins who sales in the Matruh's markets products like melons, dates, barley and olives. The Matruh resort was famous in ancient times, too. When Cleopatra was in conflict with Augustus age used the Matruh`s harbor.



Egypt Matruh


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Egypt Siwa


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Egypt Matruh


Egypt Matruh


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