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If you will visit Siwa you will see that there the most often met transportation form is the donkey cart; this rudimentary transportation form is preferred by the Siwan people instead of the modern transportation. Walking on the Siwa’s streets you will have the possibility of meeting many donkey-carts, how common are they for these places; the most of them functioning as local cabs, being parked outsides the hotels or close to the tourist attractions. Even from the arrival to Siwa the visitors are being welcomed by young boys with their donkey carts. It is a sure thing that there is no tourist experience in Siwa without the donkey cart! Don` t worry if the most of the donkey carts drivers are children; they are doing this for years so they do have experience and do their job with lots of skills. As regarding the donkeys these animals are well cared by the Siwa’s people. The carts have two or four wheels made from wood and can transport people as well as baggage. The drivers pass by and announce with load voice the name of the town: “Siiiiiiwaaahhh.” The image of a boy in a cart with a lopsided wheel and with a donkey that brays from time to time caring someone on a sandy way to the dilapidated Shali town is very usual in Siwa. You can negotiate the price of a trip with the donkey cart but you have to agree about it before starting the trip. The prices vary from a short trip to a longer one. A trip of a few people with baggage from the bus station to the center of the town is cheaper than a trip in the afternoon to the Cleopatra’s Well.



Egypt Donkey Cart


Egypt Siwa


Egypt Siwa


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Ancient Ruins of Siwa


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Egypt Donkey Cart


Donkey Cart


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Egypt Siwa Safari


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Sunset on Siwa






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