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Siwa is an important archeological area for the Egyptian archeologists and not only. A recent mission of the Supreme Council of Antiquities discovered in Siwa the footprints of something that could be a prehistoric man who lived a million years back. If the results of the investigations will show that, Siwa will enter in the world of the big archeological discoveries. It seems that the footprints were lived in a sandy mud that became dried while the time was passing by. In Siwa there are other interesting archeological areas that will be excavated: the palace zone that borders the Oracle’s Temple in West, an underground passage that services the palace’s needs of water from a holy fountain situated nearby and a depression that it extends between the fountain and the temple’s fore-court’s former pylon. A study of feasibility regarding the stabilizing measures` extension to other temple mound zones is ready to be submitted to the Supreme Council of Antiquities. The project will begin as soon as the necessary money will be assured. Recording the oracular complex history of archeology and architecture defines more the original plan of the oracular complex castle and sanctuaries as well as the functions of the building regarding the oracular and religious practices. Siwa is also an important archeological area due to the fact that is the place where the Greek and the Egyptian influences had their fusion. The Temple of the Oracle is unique among the Egypt temples; it is the place when you can imagine that you are on the Alexander the Great footsteps. A very important part of the cultural heritage of the world, the Temple of the Oracle, as well as the entire archeological area of Siwa must be well preserved.



Egypt Archaeological Area


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Egypt Archaeological Area


Archaeological Area


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