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There is a national airport in Siwa, Egypt, which has 25 31’ 0” E longitude and 29 21’ 0” N latitude. The world area code of this airport is 591 and the IATA (International Air Transport Association Code) is SEW. The runaway elevation is 330 feet and the runaway length is 5820 feet. The airport of Siwa is not an international airport it is a small one and was inaugurated for the Italian packaged holidays. It seems that some scheduled flights from Egypt’s capital, Cairo, will be possible on this airport soon. Although there aren` t direct flights to Siwa Oasis, the airport of Siwa is very useful for the exports of the region` s products to the markets of the different countries. This airport and the fact that there have been 20 years of taw-free as well as a modern road place Siwa on the tourists map and also attract investors from different countries. If you come in Siwa from Italy, you can take a plane to Marsa Matrouh where is an international airport only with flight to and from Italy and only open in summer. If you come to Siwa from other countries you can travel to Cairo and take a bus from here to Siwa. Or, you can arrive to Alexandria and from there to take a bus to Siwa; the trip from Alexandria to Siwa lasts about 7 to 9 hours. The buses from Alexandria for Siwa are early in the morning and early in the afternoon. But you can’t find buses overnight. You also can directly arrive to Marsa Matrouh by a bus and from there to take a bus for Siwa. The trip lasts about 4 hours and there are several services every day.



Egypt Airport of Siwa


Egypt Airport of Siwa


Airport of Siwa


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