Egypt Sunset on Sinai







There is no secret that a trip to the beautiful Sinai, in Egypt, is a unique experience; if you have in program such a trip, don` t miss a sunset on Sinai! It is something that can not be describe in words! Just rich the Mountain Sinai’s top and enjoys a sunset that you will never forget! The Mountain Sinai has about 2285 meters, being among the highest peaks in Egypt; the Mountain Katherine is the Egypt` s highest peak. If you will have enough energy to get to this mountain’s peak you will see a sunset on Sinai that is just simply spectacular! When it’s sunset, to the region` s beauty it adds the one of the hills that glow in wonderful colors like bright red. After you have this joy you can visit the Saint Catherine monastery, which was built by the empress Helena in the 3rd century AD. The monastery is a Greek Orthodox one and it has a wonderful collection of gold artifacts that was donated by different kings. The collection can be seen at a museum open for public. Your trip to Sinai may also include a visit to the closed canyon, to the white canyon, and to the Wadi Hamdi, a Bedouin camp. And if you love the adventure, you can practice scuba diving, even if are a beginner. The numerous and various fish of different colors that come near to the shore will make you love this aquatic sport and you will want to repeat the experience. The colored canyon is also an interesting place to visit, with its mineral deposits in rich colors. Many visitors say that this is the Sinai’s best canyon, with beautiful surroundings. And, of course, the sunset on Sinai, a memorable moment!



Egypt Sunset on Sinai


Egypt Ras Mohammed National Park


Mohammed National Park


Egypt Serabit el Khadem


Serabit el Khadem


Egypt Shamal Sina


Shamal Sina


Egypt St Catherine Monastery


St Catherine Monastery


Egypt Sunset on Sinai


Sunset on Sinai


Egypt Taba


Egypt Taba

































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