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The Saint Catherine's Monastery was constructed between 527 and 565 by Emperor Justinian, at the Mountain Moses` foot. The monastery is the home of many works of art that are priceless such as: enamels, marbles, wax paintings, Arab mosaics, chalices, Russian and Greek icons, sacerdotal ornaments, oil paintings from West and reliquaries. Among these reliquaries is the one donated in the 17th century by Catherine of Russia and the one donated two centuries later by Czar Alexander II. The monastery also has an impressive collection of 4.500 illuminated manuscripts in Arabic, Slavic, Greek, Georgian, Coptic, Hebrew, Armenian and not only. The history of Saint Catherine’s Monastery is rich being an significant example of a hidden travels` jewel. The monastery was called the world` s smallest diocese and the oldest Christian monastery. The mother of Constantine the Great, the Empress Helen, is the one who first ordered the construction of the Burning Bush Chapel but the Emperor Justinian built it as a protection for the region’s monks and as an honor for the Burning Bush site. The legend says that the angels carried away the Saint Catherine’s body; 500 years later her body was found on a peak’s top that now has her name. The relics of Saint Catherine are in the Basilica, in a reliquary from marble. The fortification of the Saint Catherine monastery is a special one; the walls are from granite and have a height of 8 – 35 meters and are surrounded by cypress and gardens. A door having a height of 30 feet represented the only entrance of the monastery till the 20th century. In its long history the monastery resisted to all the attacks and protected the art treasures that are inside of it.



Egypt St Catherine Monastery


Egypt Ras Mohammed National Park


Mohammed National Park


Egypt Serabit el Khadem


Serabit el Khadem


Egypt Shamal Sina


Shamal Sina


Egypt St Catherine Monastery


St Catherine Monastery


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Sunset on Sinai


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