Egypt Sinai







Egypt Sinai used to be a very important place for the religious pilgrimages; this happened thousands of years, now Sinai being a place very popular for the tourists from all over the world. The region is dotted with excellent dive sites which are the main attraction of Sinai. But the visitors have numerous options of spending their time here, from water sports like diving, sailing, swimming, fishing, snorkeling, jet skiing, windsurfing, water-skiing and paddle boating to many activities that can be done on land. Among these activities are the safaris in some splendid areas where numerous and various species of birds can be seen, including some unique endemic species. The hotels of Sinai as well as the sport centers have places where you can practice various sports like tennis, bicycling, aerobics, golf and bowling. The trips on the camels back and on the horses back are also an experience that should not be missed. The sun is burning in Sinai so the visitors should have enough sun cream with them and the proper clothes, including warm clothes since the desert’s temperatures in the night can be very low. During the day the temperatures are really high so the tourists must have a lot of water with them. The hot and arid environment may cause dehydration in very short time and the water for the Sharm el-Sheikh’s outside area is not good to be drunk. The tourists should now that they have to avoid to walk on the corals and to have shoes to protect their feet if they enter the water. They should pay attention to the stinging fish such us the Scorpion fish and the Stone fish and to the Lion fish` s dorsal fin which is lethal.



Egypt Sinai


Egypt Sinai


Egypt Sinai


Egypt Bedouin Culture


Bedouin Culture


Egypt Blue Desert


Blue Desert


Egypt Camel Trekking


 Camel Trekking


Egypt Coloured Canyon


Coloured Canyon


Egypt Dahab




Egypt Desert Peninsula


Desert Peninsula


Egypt Feiran Oasis


Feiran Oasis


Egypt Ganub Sina


Ganub Sina


Egypt Land of Fayrouz


Land of Fayrouz


Egypt Monitu




Egypt Mount Sinai


Mount Sinai


Egypt Mountain of Moses

Mountain of Moses


Egypt Naama Bay

Naama Bay


Egypt Pharaoh Island

Pharaoh Island






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