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Shamal Sina is the Arabic name for Northern Sinai, a governorate from the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt. R This governorate was born after Israel withdrew from the Sinai Peninsula, in 1978. The capital of Shamal Sina is Al-Arish which is the governorate’s largest town and has a port too. The large At-Tih Plateau dominates the Sinai Peninsula’s Northern half, extending from the Southern limit of the governorate to the North, close to the coastal plain of the Mediterranean Sea. Wadi Al-Arish is a seasonal stream of 250 kilometers, lying in the governorate’s North-East part and empting close to the Al Arish. The brackish and large Bardawil Lake that has 690 square kilometers lies along the North coast; in North the lake has as its boundary narrow and long sandbar with two canals making the connection between the lake and the sea. Shamal Sina is underlined by a big source of water from the grounds which is supplied by the water coming from the winter’s rainfalls. Many springs and wells are also supplying this water source. An important role is played by agriculture, not only on the Al-Arish` s plain but also on the coast; the efforts regarding the irrigations and the reclamations made the lands arable. Fruits, olives, vegetables, dates and barley crops are the grown ones in this governorate. In the Bardawil Lake` s South West edge fruit trees, vegetables and wood trees are also cultivated due to some important reclamations. The costal region is the place where the most of the Shamal Sina’s population live. Nakhl, Bur Fu`ad, Rummanah and Al-Qantarah are other towns of this governorate. Even from antiquity the governorate’s Mediterranean road represented the principal thoroughfare for the commercial and the military traffic in Egypt’s relation with Palestine.



Egypt Shamal Sina


Egypt Ras Mohammed National Park


Mohammed National Park


Egypt Serabit el Khadem


Serabit el Khadem


Egypt Shamal Sina


Shamal Sina


Egypt St Catherine Monastery


St Catherine Monastery


Egypt Sunset on Sinai


Sunset on Sinai


Egypt Taba


Egypt Taba

































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