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The ancient Egypt’s temple of Serabit el-Khadem is one of the most captivating temples in Egypt. Serabit el-Khadem was founded in 1.800 BC when it was a center for the turquoise and the copper mining. The temple got larger and more beautiful with every generation and the last modifications of the temple dates from the 20th dynasty. The temple is not a usual one: to reach the central yard you have to get through the pier rooms which are made from 14 blocks as well as a little pylon. A sanctum can be found on the other end of the yards, as well as two grottos where images of the adored gods can be seen. Among these gods are Sopdu and Hathor. Only the pharaoh and the priests had access to this temple` s part. The temple’s vicinity is interesting too, not only the mountains but the also the old turquoise and copper mines. If you walk in this area with attention and with some luck by your side you can find ancient artifacts from the times in this zone was a turquoise and copper mining center. Among these artifacts could be clay vascular and alabaster fragments. The first excavations of Serabit el-Khadem were made in 1905 by a British archeologist, Flinders Petrie. Sacrifice tools, private sculptures and different royal sculptures that date from the king Snofru’s time were discovered by this archeologist. The inscriptions and the steles dating from the 4th dynasty (around 2550 BC) play an important role in archeology because they help us to find more and to understand more about the ancient Egyptians` activities. When they were discovered, the steles were situated at a distance of about 100 meters one of the other.



Egypt Serabit el Khadem


Egypt Ras Mohammed National Park


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Egypt Serabit el Khadem


Serabit el Khadem


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St Catherine Monastery


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Sunset on Sinai


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