Egypt Ras Mohammed National Park







The Ras Mohammed National Park was founded in 1983 by the Egypt’s government, being among the first Egyptian national parks that were founded. The park was created as a protection area for the complex ecosystem that has more than 150 corals and 1000 fish species. The Egyptian law protects the Ras Mohammed National Park so any development is prevented. Numerous tourists come to see this park and if you want to be one of them you must know that you need not only a Sinai visa but a full Egyptian one. The park has an entrance that can be considered a work of art and which depicts the marine life of the park. Beside this marine life inside the park you can meet wild animals like the desert` s fox; the mangrove swamps and the inland lakes that grows right next to the sea are also wonderful for exploring and taking pictures. The Marsa Ghazlani Visitor’s center is the right place to start the trip into the Ras Mohammed National Park. There are park rangers who answer to the visitors` questions regarding the wildlife or the areas for diving and snorkeling. The tourists also received maps and instructions about the overnight camping. Of course the snorkeling in this area is fantastic but the ones who want to practice it have to know that the currents in this zone are very strong and the directions of the water can be very unstable. This is because the park is situated in the Sinai’s Southern point. The Ras Mohammed National Park offers a presentation and a slide show of the park’s geography and history. And if the visitors get hungry, or just want to enjoy good food in the park, there is a restaurant.



Egypt Ras Mohammed National Park


Egypt Ras Mohammed National Park


Mohammed National Park


Egypt Serabit el Khadem


Serabit el Khadem


Egypt Shamal Sina


Shamal Sina


Egypt St Catherine Monastery


St Catherine Monastery


Egypt Sunset on Sinai


Sunset on Sinai


Egypt Taba


Egypt Taba

































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