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Situated at few kilometers from the Sharm el-Sheikh’s North, Na’ama Bay is the animated center and the heart of this resort; there are numerous restaurants, café shops, bars, Arab café shops, and shopping centers that make that place a very explored one. In the Na’ama Bay’s bazaars the negotiation is very usual and if you have talent in this sense you can achieve lot s of things at excellent prices. If you are not very interested in bargaining you just can have a traditional tea, café or you can smoke in the local bars. Being the one of the most important tourist attractions in Sharm el-Sheikh, Na’ama Bay became in time a resort where the most of the hotels have their own beaches with bars, chairs, and umbrellas. The diving sites are outstanding as well as the snorkeling centers which is another important attractions for the visitors. The first hotel in Na’ama Bay was built in the 80` s and in the latest years this place became the tourism activity epicenter in the Sinai’s South. If you will visit this resort you will see that there the nightlife is energetic, the bay is bustling and busy and the bay’s beauty is stunning. The recently development of Na`ama Bay brought numerous tourists in this area of Sinai. Being the Sharm el-Sheikh’s natural outgrowth – geographically speaking – Na’ama Bay is a perfect place for the ones who loves the evening walks. The beauty of this place is special, including the charm of the Wadi el-Aat, at whose mouth this resort is stretching. In the bay` s front is a sandy beach famous for its sun-bathes. The resort was completely developed, Na`ama Bay being one of the most preferred places in Egypt.



Egypt Naama Bay


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