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The mountain of Moses is the biblical mountain of Sinai where, according to the Hebrew bible, Moses received the Ten Commandments from God. In the classical literature of the Rabbis the Sinai Mountain is a synonym of the holiness. The legend says that when the Son of God will come, God will unite Sinai with Mountain Carmel and Mountain Tabor, will reconstruct the Temple on the united mountains and the peaks of these mountains will sing a praise ode to God. Regarding the law-giving, the Bible says that Sinai was covered with a cloud and after the quake there was a lot of smoke. In all this time the lightning-flashes were shooting forth and the thunder roar mingling with a trumpet’s blasts. There are scholars who said that maybe Sinai was a volcano, but with no mention about any ash. And there are also scholars who said that the described scene is one of a storm, since in the Song of Deborah the presence of the rain is mentioned. The Bible also says that the clouds and the fire were a consequence of the God’s coming. In midrash is mentioned that 22.000 divine chariots and 22.000 archangels accompanied God who expanded the mountain for this moment. But the Bible` s description of God`s arrival seems to not fit to the statement that was made after that, according to which heaven is the place from where God spoke to the Israel` s people. The textual scholars believe that these passages have not the same sources, while the Mekhilta says that the heavens were lowered by God and also spread on Sinai. One thing is for sure: the Sinai Mountain attracts many tourists and the Biblical story is the main reason for their visit.



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Egypt Sinai


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Bedouin Culture


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Egypt Mountain of Moses

Mountain of Moses


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