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The Mount Sinai is also known as Mount Musa, Mount Horeb, Jabal Musa or Gebel Musa. The mountain has a height of 2285 meters and it is situated close to the Saint Catherine monastery. A Greek orthodox chapel and a mosque are at the mountain’s summit. The chapel dates from 1934 when it was built on the ruins of a church from 16th century. The two constructions are closed for the public. It is said that in the chapel is the rock used by God to make the Law’s Tablets. The chapel is small; it is also called the Burning Bush and is dedicated to the Holy Trinity. In the chapel` s Western wall is a cleft in a rock which seems to had connection with Moses. More, the cave of Moses, where he waited to find the Ten Commandments is at the mountain’s summit. The plateau called Elijah’s Plateau is situated below the chapel. There is no wonder then that the Mount Sinai is surrounded by mystery and adulation. To climb this mountain you have to be in good shape; in almost 3 hours you can climb the peak on the Moses’ path. The stairway has about 4.000 steps; up the opposite part is a longer route. The people who come to the Mount Sinai also visit the Burning Bush, the Monastery of Saint Catherine, the ar-Raaha plain and the Elijah's Plateau. The Elijah's Basin is almost 750 steps below the Burning Blush. Jebel Safsafa is situated on the Elijah's Plateau` s North West; it is the place where the Byzantine hermit Saint Gregory lived and also prayed. The ar-Raaha Plain is situated below Ras Safsafa`s 2168 meters summit; there Moses rose the first temple.



Egypt Mount Sinai


Egypt Sinai


Egypt Sinai


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Egypt Mount Sinai


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