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The Land of Fayrouz is the name given by the Egyptians to the Sinai Peninsula; it is a triangular peninsula situated between the Mediterranean Sea in North and the Red Sea in South and having an area of 60.000 square kilometers. The Land of Fayrouz is divided in two provinces or governorates: the South of Sinai, called Ganub Sina and the North of Sinai called Shamal Sina’; both of these provinces are under the administration of Egypt. The Suez Canal is the place of convergence for the other 3 governorates. This includes el-Sewais which means the Suez, el-Isma’ileyyah in center and Port Said with Port Said as the capital in North. There are about 66.500 people living in Ganub Sina and about 314.000 living in Shamal Sina’. The Port Said` s population is about 500.000 people. Some of the el-Isma’ileyyah and el-Suweis` population are living in Sinai and the rest of it o the Suez Canal` s Western side. The united population of the two provinces is about 1.3 million, from which a part lives in Sinai and the other part in the West of Suez Canal. In the last 30 years the Land of Fayrouz became an important destination for numerous tourists; the wonderful coral reefs, the natural beauties, the religious history and the vicinity with Israel being some of the things that attract the tourists. A big number of Egyptians from the Nile Delta and the Nile Valley moved from these areas to get a job in tourism. The development caused the robbing of the native Bedouins of their fishing places and lands of grazing. The cultures` clash led to some attacks of the terrorists. The target of these attacks was the Israelis and the people from West as well as the Egyptians.



Egypt Land of Fayrouz


Egypt Sinai


Egypt Sinai


Egypt Bedouin Culture


Bedouin Culture


Egypt Blue Desert


Blue Desert


Egypt Camel Trekking


 Camel Trekking


Egypt Coloured Canyon


Coloured Canyon


Egypt Dahab




Egypt Desert Peninsula


Desert Peninsula


Egypt Feiran Oasis


Feiran Oasis


Egypt Ganub Sina


Ganub Sina


Egypt Land of Fayrouz


Land of Fayrouz


Egypt Monitu




Egypt Mount Sinai


Mount Sinai


Egypt Mountain of Moses

Mountain of Moses


Egypt Naama Bay

Naama Bay


Egypt Pharaoh Island

Pharaoh Island






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