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Ganub Sina is the Arabic name of South Sinai; it is one of the Egypt’s governorates situated in the country’s East and covering the Sinai Peninsula’s South part. The most important cities in Ganub Sina are: Taba, el-Tor, Nuweiba, Sharm el-Sheikh and Dahab. A small town in Egypt, Taba is situated close to the Gulf of Aqaba`s Northern tip. It is very visited by tourists from Egypt and from Israel but not only. El –Tor is also called Tur Sinai; the name of this city comes from Jabal Al Tor, which is the name of the mountain where, according to the Bible, Moses got the God` s tablets. Lying on a big flood plain of 40 square kilometers, Nuweiba is situated at about 150 kilometers from Sharm el-Sheikh’s North, 465 kilometers from Cairo’s South East and 70 kilometers from the Israel-Egypt border` s South. Sharm el Sheikh, or simply Sharm, it is also called The City of Peace because numerous peace conferences were held here. Dahab is very popular for its windsurfing, snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities as well as for its numerous reefs. The Canyon and the Blue Hole are also very famous in the whole world for their diving centers. There are many restaurants with delicious seafood which are a true attraction for the tourists. They can eat calamari, red snapper or lobster. Other attraction is the seafood baked in the Bedouin style, in earthenware. The visitors can choose to take a safari with a horse, a camel or a jeep or an adventurous quad bike safari. If the tourists want to visit the Saint Catherine Monastery and the Mount Sinai a drive of about two hours is sufficient. And something that should not be missed is the sunrises and the sunsets.



Egypt Ganub Sina


Egypt Sinai


Egypt Sinai


Egypt Bedouin Culture


Bedouin Culture


Egypt Blue Desert


Blue Desert


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 Camel Trekking


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Coloured Canyon


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Desert Peninsula


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Egypt Ganub Sina


Ganub Sina


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Mount Sinai


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Mountain of Moses


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