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The Sinai Peninsula, or, simply Sinai, is a triangular peninsula situated between the Mediterranean Sea in North, the Red Sea in South, being a territory of Egypt. The peninsula has an area of about 600.000 km˛. The tourists who come here have the impression that in the Sinai Peninsula` s rocks the whole world’s history can be read. And this is due to the El Maghara`s mines, the Ras Mohammed’s fossilized reef animals. More, there are numerous places where the visitors from old times left their tracks in stones. One of these places is Rock of Inscriptions, close to Dahab. In Serabit El-Khadem some carvings with our alphabet` s emergences were discovered by archeologists. The three big religious: Christianity, Judaism and Islam recognize Sinai as being a holy land that was visited by saints, prophets, warriors and pilgrims. The Sinai Peninsula was also the wandering place for the Israelites, for 40 years. Numerous popular conquerors used to visit Sinai, too, such as Salah el-Din, Napoleon Bonaparte, Ramses II and Alexander the Great with his army. But the Sinai also knew the effects of the conflict between Arabs and Israelites, effects that can be seen in some regions of the Suez coast. The Sinai Peninsula was for many years visited for its legends about the people who came here. But recently, and as a true beginning, Sinai is visited for its people, its incredible natural beauty and for its artifacts. Today the people come here for the land itself, for its wonderful coral reefs, for its huge cultural heritage, its deserts and mountains. All these and many more assure a different type of present and future history for Sinai than the one written by the famous people who visited it.



Egypt Desert Peninsula


Egypt Sinai


Egypt Sinai


Egypt Bedouin Culture


Bedouin Culture


Egypt Blue Desert


Blue Desert


Egypt Camel Trekking


 Camel Trekking


Egypt Coloured Canyon


Coloured Canyon


Egypt Dahab




Egypt Desert Peninsula


Desert Peninsula


Egypt Feiran Oasis


Feiran Oasis


Egypt Ganub Sina


Ganub Sina


Egypt Land of Fayrouz


Land of Fayrouz


Egypt Monitu




Egypt Mount Sinai


Mount Sinai


Egypt Mountain of Moses

Mountain of Moses


Egypt Naama Bay

Naama Bay


Egypt Pharaoh Island

Pharaoh Island






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