Egypt Coloured Canyon







The Colored Canyon is situated at 12 kilometers from the Nuweiba`s North, at 2 hours distance from Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. The canyon lying in a chain of mountains from limestone and called El Tih can be explored by 4x4 cars and the visitors should have a guide with them. As the canyon` s name says, after the sandstone was mineralized and transformed the cliffs in a spectacular stone with numerous colors. The Colored Canyon is a twisting, water-eroded and narrow path that was created in thousands of years in rocks. The path is surrounded by incredible cliffs of 60 meters that have slots; the walls are sculptured and the cliffs have layers of splendid colors like gold, purple, pink and silver. The path has a width of about one meter and there are places where the cliffs have a height of 80 meters. The huge geological formations, the cliff` s patterns and the shapes are more impressive with every step made in canyon. The one who reaches the canyon’s top can see the Bedouins village as well as the oasis. Not to mention that the view is extraordinary, with the rocks lightened by sun and the entire landscape. It will make you feel like entering into another world! One of the Colored Canyon’s attractions is the trekking; it is funny and also relaxing and you can try it if you stay at the Red Sea’s resorts or at the resorts and camps in Nuweiba, Dahab and Taba. The incredibly beautiful colors, the large open spaces, the scenery that changes all the time combined with the fresh and clean air will make from anybody` s trip there an unforgettable experience. That is why the Colored Canyon is a place that has to be seen!



Egypt Coloured Canyon


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