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One of Sinai’s attractions is the camel trekking. If you have some doubts about what camel trekking is then you should know that in Sinai is a trekking system that has been working for more than 30 years. The system has as its basis the local Bedouin’s abilities and traditions as well as the knowledge coming from the best guides of trekking. The camel trekking system has a very good reputation for its professional and well-planned tours. There are hundreds of people who enjoyed the unforgettable experience of trekking and who had the chance of seeing the region’s magnificent views due to the camel trekking. In a camel trekking through Sinai you will have a journey of a daily trip from one camp to another on the back of a camel; all you have to take with you is a camera, if you want to keep what you see and water bottles. The camels will transport the camp gear and your own gear. The camel trekking is with no doubt an adventure that has as its basis the trekking guides` professional experience and their knowledge of desert’s biology, of archeology and history. The camels take the tourists and their gear and transport them on some paths that they now perfectly well so you can really rely on them! Even if the path has some rocks or difficult parts, the camels know how to walk to not put you in danger. The formations of spectacular rocks can be passed by the camels with no problem. It seems that they know so well what they have to do! The camels used by the Bedouins for transportation are the male ones who drink very few water and live between 15 and 30 years.



Egypt Camel Trekking


Egypt Sinai


Egypt Sinai


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Egypt Camel Trekking


 Camel Trekking


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