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Modern Egypt


Modern Egypt


As you well know, the capital of the modern Egypt is Cairo, but Alexandria (once the capital in the Greek-Roman period) is the second city as size and is called the pearl of the Mediterranean. The founder of the city is Alexander the Great, his statue being next to the Library of Alexandria.


The modern city has a big harbor, where anchors even the cruises ships that go all around the world. If you will ever choose to have a cruise that includes the Egypt then you will anchor here and you will visit the pyramids in a wonderful trip.

Modern Egypt


Also, close to the harbor some ruins and statues were found dating from the times when the harbor was under the Greeks and from the pharaohs` times.




One of the ruins is though to be the palace of Cleopatra. On the West par of the harbor is the Quaitbay citadel, built on the place where once the Alexandria Lighthouse was. A great harbor is also at Port Said where you can find many cheap things. You will also find numerous monuments and decorative walls with pharaoh inscriptions or all kinds of decorations with the water` s help.


The modern Egypt`s beaches are private and cheap nad the public one are very crowed during the summer. Another point of attraction in Alexandria are the Montazah gardens, large places with exotic vegetation and with many palms, where the king Faruk` s palace (now the residence of the president),the house of the king` s wives (now a hotel), beach and private houses in mini gulfs, a bridge and a very old lighthouse. The people are numerous and from different races: blacks, Chinese, many Indonesians, Bedouins with large skirts and turbans on their head, women with long dresses and having their eyes covered.You can peacefully work on the streets, the men are careful not to touch o woman when they sit next to them. If you want to have a haircut at 2 in the night, or to eat something, the shops are open till the morning.


It is said that the city lives in night. The only period when the streets are empty is from 4 till 9 in the morning. The coffee shops are non stop and you will often see men drinking a tea or a coffee at a shisha with wonderful smells. In the evening the atmosphere is special on the streets` coffee shops. The markets are full of fruits and vegetables, and the little donkeys are everywhere. There are also clean streets and dirty streets, too.




The bazaars are on very long and large streets and the negotiation is the commerce` s mother. The locals have their charm and as a foreigner you are treated like a king. They are very welcoming, friendly, open to know, and very generous. To be able to communicate well with them you should have some knowledge of Arab because not all the locals know English or French.



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