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The Theban Triad represents the three gods of Egypt, with the biggest power in Thebes. The gods are: Amen, his wife Mut and Khons, their son. The name of Amen means ‘the hidden one; the Hermopolis` priests viewed this local god of Thebes, as his wife too, as primordial creation-deities. The influence of Amen was local till the Middle Kingdom and nationally once the kings of Thebes established the sovereignty on Egypt. He was known as Amen-Re till the 18th Dynasty when he became the king of the gods. Amen has a popular temple at Karnak, which is the biggest religious structure that has ever been made by man. Mut, also known as Auramooth or Golden Dawn, was the Amen’s wife, her name meaning ‘mother’ in Egyptian. Mut was depicted in a vulture form or in the form of a human wearing a vulture headdress and a combined crown of the Lower and Upper Egypt. She was dressed in a gown of a blue or bright red color. Mut was called the Eye of Re after the fusing of her husband with Re, the Sun god. She also started to assume the lioness` shape, the traditional shape for the Eye of the Sun. During the New Kingdom Mut was considered ‘the mother of the sun in whom he rises’. Isis is the one with which Mut is equated with. Khons is also called Chons or Khonsu and was the third member of the Theban Triad. He was the moon` s god and there is a story according to which he used to play ‘passage’, an ancient game, against Thoth (who was another god of the moon). Toth was the winner, Khons lost some of his light and that` s why he can’t expose his entire glory.



Egypt Theban Triad


Egypt Temple of Amenhotep III


Temple of Amenhotep III


Egypt Theban Triad


Theban Triad


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