Egypt Temple of Amenhotep III







The temple of Amenhotep III is a mortuary temple, the biggest temple built on the Nile’s West Bank; it covers 35 hectares and it was built during the 18th dynasty, being one of the biggest Egyptians religious structures. When it was built the temple superseded the Amen’s temple from Karnak. It seems that the temple of Amenhotep III had a rapid decay, the cause could be the land` s water content. The remains of the temple, which also helped at identifying the site, were the two huge pharaoh`s statues called the ‘Colossi of Memnon’. The statues were placed at the gateway` s entrance. During the 19th dynasty, numerous blocks from the temple of Amenhotep III were reused by Merenptah to construct his funerary monument situated in vicinity. The traces of the temple’s columns and pylons give the temple’s outline. The temple of Amenhotep III was never excavated in a proper way although there is a mention as one of the Thebes 6 temples of Petrie. But, during the recent years` excavations, made by teams of Egyptian and German archaeologists, some architecture fragments re-emerged, such as a hall with columns at the temple`s rear. The temple’s entrance was in the East side, in opposition with the Luxor Temple and had the two immense colossi of Amenhotep III as guardians. At the feet of the two colossi were the small statues of the queen Mutemwiya and of the queen Tiye. Between the 3 pylons used to be 2 big courts with statues of the pharaoh. A sphinx statue without head, of the queen Tiye was discovered in the second pylon’s vicinity. Another sphinx without head was discovered in 1957, in the temple’s Southern side. This sphinx can be seen by visitors.



Egypt Temple of Amenhotep III


Egypt Temple of Amenhotep III


Temple of Amenhotep III


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