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The name of Sunni Islam comes from the identification with the Sunna`s importance that was decided as a Islamic central element and also as very important in understanding the religion total truth. The present ritual and theological differences between Sunni Islam and Shi`i Islam occurred in time. The name of Sunni Islam comes from the Arabic code of behavior called Sunna; the traditional law` s body evolving from the acts and the teaching of Muhammad. The Sunni Muslims` believe is that they represent the true Sunna` s followers. The differences between Sunni and other religious orientations are small and also large, in all the religion` s aspects. The major difference between Sunni and Shi`i Islam was the Sunni adherence to the Caliph as the Muslim world’s leader. The Shi`i Islam and Sunni have 3 things in common: the belief in the Muhammad’s revelations, the God’s oneness and the belief in the Day of Judgment` s resurrection. The Sunni Islam’s hadiths set is different from the one of Shi`i Islam; the later has some pilgrimages of great importance while the importance accorded by Sunni Islam into hajj to Mecca is extremely important. Although it reveres Ali, Sunni Islam don` t sees him as the unique true tradition’s continuation from Muhammad. The Sunni Muslims are in number of around 680 million adherents; they believe that the true successor of the prophet Muhammad was his adviser, the caliph Abu Bakr. The Sunni Islam adherents believe that the guidance on life and belief don’t have to come from a spiritual leader or human authority but from the Koran (Qur` an, Quran), from the Hadith, the Sunna or the Shari` a. The Sunni Islam` s Imams are prayer leaders and faith educated teachers.



Egypt Sunni Muslim


Egypt Luxor


Egypt Luxor


Egypt First Pylon


First Pylon


Egypt Abu Haggag Mosque


Abu Haggag Mosque


Egypt Ancient Thebes


 Ancient Thebes


Egypt Bazaars


Egypt Bazaars


Egypt Colossi of Memnon


Colossi of Memnon


Egypt Ipet Resyt


Ipet Resyt


Egypt Malkatta




Egypt Medinet Habu Temple


Medinet Habu Temple


Egypt Nectanebo I


Nectanebo I


Egypt Nile Eastern Bank


Nile Eastern Bank


Egypt Opet Festival


Opet Festival


Egypt Pharaonic Monuments

Pharaonic Monuments


Egypt Red Granite Obelisk

Red Granite Obelisk


Egypt Sunni Muslim

Sunni Muslim






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