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Only 7 obelisks remained in Egypt, one in Luxor, of Ramses II, three in Karnak: Tuthmonsis I, Hatshepsut, Seti I, and other three in Cairo: one next to the Gezira Tower, one in Heliopolis to the Ra Temple and one in front of the international airport, the first that welcomes you at your arriving in Cairo. Two small obelisks are in the Luxor Museum and one at the Durham University England. The obelisk from Island Gezira: the garden that houses that obelisk is in the Island Gezira from Cairo, next to the Andaluz gardens. The obelisk dates from the Ramses II` s times, has 13, 5 meters height and initially it was raised in Tanis, at 110 kilometers North East of Cairo. Today the city is called San el-Hagar. The obelisk was transported to Cairo after 1958 because there was no obelisk. Today is placed on the Island Gezira, across the famous tower of 187 meters built by Nasser in Cairo in 1961, and it has a unprivileged position. The obelisk from Heliopolis or the Senusret`s obelisk has a height of 20.4 meters, 121 tones and is a red granite obelisk. It is the oldest obelisk from the 30. Built in the 20th century BC in Heliopolis - homage chair for the sun god Ra where the temple of this god was also built. Heliopolis was also the capital of Upper Egypt but it is specially know as an important religious center. The temple of the sun situated here was the second as size, after the one of Amun from Karnak. This red granite obelisk is situated now in Midan el-Massala, next to the railway station El Matareyya. They say that Sesostris raised two obelisks in front of the Heliopolis Temple in 1942 BC.



Egypt Red Granite Obelisk


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Egypt Red Granite Obelisk

Red Granite Obelisk


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