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The pharaonic monuments of Egypt are so many and so important that is hard to talk about them in just few words. In Memphis is the King Tuthmosis III`s sphinx of alabaster as well as the Ramses II`s gigantic statue. The statue is made from limestone, has a length of 13 meters and a weight of 120 tons. This statue is considered the most beautiful of all Ramses II`s representations. Other pharaonic monuments are in Saqqara, such as the pyramid of Unas, which was the 5th Dynasty’s last pharaoh. The Serapeum has a length of many hundred meters, in contains the Apis` tombs. In the vicinity of the Serapeum is the Circle of the Creek Philosophers, where are statues of Pindar, Plato, Pythagoras and Heraklites. Among the pharaonic monuments are the mastabas (tombs) of the pharaohs and nobles from which we mention the Kagemni`s tomb, with mural relief like the scenes of the bird haunting. The Mereruka`s mastaba has 33 rooms; inscriptions that portrays scenes of the everyday life are on the on the walls. The animals` veterinary treatment is one of the most important scenes. With no doubt, the most representative pharaonic monuments are the pyramids. Situated at 10 kilometers from Cairo, the pyramids of Giza comprise the Great Pyramid, the Second Pyramid, the Third Pyramid and the Sphinx. The Great Pyramid was made by Cheops, around 2650 BC. It has a height of 137 meters and its base has 230 meters square. About 2.5 million stone blocks were used to build the pyramid. The Second Pyramid was made by Kephren, has a height of 136 meters, a simple interior and two entrances. The Third Pyramid was made by Menkaure and it has 62 meters. The Sphinx is 20 meters high.



Egypt Pharaonic Monuments


Egypt Luxor


Egypt Luxor


Egypt First Pylon


First Pylon


Egypt Abu Haggag Mosque


Abu Haggag Mosque


Egypt Ancient Thebes


 Ancient Thebes


Egypt Bazaars


Egypt Bazaars


Egypt Colossi of Memnon


Colossi of Memnon


Egypt Ipet Resyt


Ipet Resyt


Egypt Malkatta




Egypt Medinet Habu Temple


Medinet Habu Temple


Egypt Nectanebo I


Nectanebo I


Egypt Nile Eastern Bank


Nile Eastern Bank


Egypt Opet Festival


Opet Festival


Egypt Pharaonic Monuments

Pharaonic Monuments


Egypt Red Granite Obelisk

Red Granite Obelisk


Egypt Sunni Muslim

Sunni Muslim






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