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The Opet Festival is also called the ‘Beautiful Feast of Opet’ and it was a very important festival in Theba of the ancient Egypt. Meaning the ‘secret chamber’, ‘Opet’ was referring to the private rooms of the Amun`s sanctuary. The festival was in fact an anniversary of Kingly Ka when special rituals were taken to re-confirm the king’s ruling and also to regenerate the divine kingship. At the Opet Festival a procession took place where the Amun`s Barque was going from the sanctuary to the Luxor Temple's sanctuary, which was situated at one mile away to the South. This big spectacle was happening in the Akhet` s second mouth (the Inundation), and that’s why it was associated with the fertility that comes from the soil’s rich black and also wit the flood season. During the reign of Hatshepsut, some wab-priests were caring the barque on their shoulders the whole trip. In the New Kingdom period, soldiers, drummers, priests, singers, the king’s chariots, musicians, dancers and dignitaries were accompanying the procession. All the way from the river to the temple was lined with the drink and the food for the offerings. When the sacred statues were in Luxor, they were put o shrines inside the temple. The offerings to Amun-Ra from the King as well as the coronation rites` ritual repetition were some of the religious rites of the Opet Festival. Amenhotep III`s temple in Luxor has great colonnade whose walls are engraved with beautiful scenes from the festival offering us most of the information about the festival. Today, the boat procession is practiced in different way: in every year is a festival called the Saints Festival where the boat is brought from the Abu-el-Haggag Mosque to the Luxor`s streets.



Egypt Opet Festival


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Egypt Opet Festival


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