Egypt Nile Eastern Bank







It is a well-known fact that the Nile River has been the Egypt life’s center for centuries. On the Nile Eastern Bank important temples were built and many royalty faces chose to be buried here. You can choose to have a wonderful cruise with a morning arriving in Luxor and a transfer to the ship. The unforgettable cruise will take you on the smooth waters of the old Nile. You can spend your free time on beach at the ship’s footbridge admiring the charming landscapes that are succeeding along the shores: the villages of fishermen, old of hundreds of years, cultures of palms, antique temples full of legends and myths, the fascinating sunsets. You will visit the Nile Eastern Bank (the bank of the sun and of the life), where you will be initiated in the mysteries of the Luxor and Karnak Temples. With little willingness you can also decipher the Egyptian hieroglyphs that give impressive scenes from the mythology of this country. In the evening you can enjoy a superb sound and light show from the Karnak Temple. Built on the Nile Eastern Bank, the Karnak Temple was known in antiquity as ‘The most chosen from the places’. For the most of the antique Egyptian people, without education, this temple represented only a place where they can address to the gods. It is the ‘parent’ of all the religious buildings, temples and also a pilgrimage place that dates from 4000 years. Today, the most of the pilgrimages are the tourists. The temple covers almost 200 acres; the area of the sacred fencings dedicated to Amun is enough to place on them 10 European cathedrals. The temple of Karnak is so big that the Saint Paul Cathedral and the Notre Dame would be lost between its walls.



Egypt Nile Eastern Bank


Egypt Luxor


Egypt Luxor


Egypt First Pylon


First Pylon


Egypt Abu Haggag Mosque


Abu Haggag Mosque


Egypt Ancient Thebes


 Ancient Thebes


Egypt Bazaars


Egypt Bazaars


Egypt Colossi of Memnon


Colossi of Memnon


Egypt Ipet Resyt


Ipet Resyt


Egypt Malkatta




Egypt Medinet Habu Temple


Medinet Habu Temple


Egypt Nectanebo I


Nectanebo I


Egypt Nile Eastern Bank


Nile Eastern Bank


Egypt Opet Festival


Opet Festival


Egypt Pharaonic Monuments

Pharaonic Monuments


Egypt Red Granite Obelisk

Red Granite Obelisk


Egypt Sunni Muslim

Sunni Muslim






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