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The Medinet Habu temple is the common name given to the Ramses III` s mortuary temple. The antique temple is situated on the Nile’s West Bank, in Luxor, Egypt. This building has an important artistic and architectural significance and it is also important for its relief that depicts the Sea People’s defeat during the Ramses III`s reign. The temple’s length is 150 meters, has an orthodox design and looks like the Ramses II`s mortuary temple. The precinct has about 210 meters; the walls are well preserved and are decorated. The initial entrance of the Medinet Habu temple is represented by a gate-house, which is fortified and called migdol (a common feature of the Asian fortresses). The chapels of Shepenupet II, Amenirdis I and Nitiqret are situated to the South of the temple, right inside an enclosure. The chapels were called the ‘Divine Adoratrice of Amun’. The first pylon guides you to the open courtyard where the gigantic Ramses III`s statues are lined. On one side are columns and on the other side are the statues of Osiris. The second pylon is the guide to the peristyle hall where are also columns with the shape of Ramses. There is a ramp leading to the third pylon (through a portico with columns). Next is a big hypostyle hall that no longer has its roof. Inside the temple heads of some foreign captives were found, which may show that Ramses III had control over Nubia and Syria. The Medinet Habu temple had a church inside of it, during the Coptic period, but it was removed. In the Coptic times were also carvings that altered some carvings that were in the principal wall of the The Medinet Habu temple.



Egypt Medinet Habu Temple


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Egypt Medinet Habu Temple


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