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Malkata represents the Arabic name of the Amenhotep III`s site. It was the Amenhotep III`s permanent administrative center for 9 years and the place where the sed festivals were happening. This site plays a very important role regarding the understanding of the pharaoh`s reign. On Malkata site are numerous constructions made by Amenhotep III during his reign of 9 years. The principal building is the palace where the pharaoh lived till his death. The palace is situated on the North South axis and its shape is rectangular. The palace’s entrance is on the West wall and its walls have a thickness of 1 meter and the entrance width is of 3.8 meters. The entrance makes the connection with the Court, a room that has 4 columns; from there you can enter in other room that has an anteroom with unclear functions. At the south court is a long hall that has two lines of columns; in the South of this room is another room with columns and following an East-West orientation. This room is smaller and continues with two other rooms in South. One of these rooms is the audience hall and the other one is the throne room. There are colonnades in the both rooms and they are both North South oriented. The Malkata palace’s center is the audience hall and also the main room is represented by the reception hall. The walls of this room have a thickness of 80 to 100 centimeters, are 28.4 meters long and 11.8 meters wide. The room has a central nave where the 2 side aisles are separated by from nave by the columns. Amenhotep III used the audience room to entertain his guests.



Egypt Malkatta


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Egypt Malkatta




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