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Ipet Resyt is the ancient name of the Temple of Luxor, situated today on the Luxor`s territory, on the Nile's shore, Egypt. The temple was built in the honor of god Amun during the New Kingdom of Egypt, in antiquity. Ipet Resyt was built from reused materials from constructions; the chapel was built during the reign of the pharaoh Thutmosis III, from the 12th dynasty. The pharaoh Amenophis III allowed the building of the sanctuary situated in the South part of the temple. The hall of pylons was built during the reign of the pharaoh Amenophis IV; during this time the faith in god Amon was given up. The construction of the pylons hall was continued during the reign of Tutanchamun and Haremhab. During the reign of Ramses II will be built the pylon and the obelisk and during the Nectanebo`s reign the yard with pylons is made. Alexander the Great allowed the rebuilding of the sanctuary, and so, instead of four pylons that were holding the roof was built a chapel. During the Romans the temple will be included in a fortress. A private antechamber called the ‘Opet suite’ and meaning harem is situated behind the sanctuary. This is a broad hall that has twelve columns that opens in some rooms behind, rooms that are smaller. It seems that these rooms have an importance connected with the creation and with the Re and Amun`s solar mythologies at Luxor. On the exterior walls are depicted the Ramses II` s battles, including from the wars with Libya and Syria. The Ipet Resyt is situated in the Luxor` s central area. In winter the temple` s public program is from 7.00 am to 9.00 pm.



Egypt Ipet Resyt


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